michael swart

a momentary look

i was born in nashville, tennesee
and lived there till i was three
i grew up in the hot humid woods of florida
riding bikes and building forts with lumber from job sites

i was supposed to do yardwork every saturday morning
before i could go out and do stuff, and
my identical twin brother and i did the dishes
every night when dinner was done.

i started playing music when i was thirteen
following in the footsteps of my grandfather.

i left home at eighteen for a four year education. . .
what i got was a piece of paper
and three degrees
in addition to my education

over the last eight years, i have learned an existance
and i am not the only one that knows it
life is rich, life is relative, life is now.

two years ago, i was going to california
eager to let the world know that i am here
i have worked as a designer, a musician
and now a videographer and short film maker.

and i'm publically speaking to you.

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