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...years before YouTube... years before the iPhone... just me and my Canon S230 Elph Camera, making movies- 30 seconds at a time...

big brother does good
michard almighty
the tail of maggie moo
A story illustrating the way that The Doogood Conservatory does good in the community with the help of contributors like "Big Brother Magazine" An acquantaince of mine through St. Jude was releasing his newest film at the Universal Ampitheatre in Los Angeles. You get to go along. An intertwining of storys about the discovery of rocky mountain oysters and a trip to the ice cream shop.
the matrimony of lapea and bree
the matrimony of lapea and bree
the matrimony of lapea and bree
My first Samoan wedding. Between Bree, (a true friend of my girlfriend at the time) and Lapea, a guy from oceanside. While we were still dating, my ex-girlfriend got tickets to see the price is right. We broke up before the date. It was her day and I had no place being there. I was a dick for going. We both got on TV. A 30 Second Spot that ran on Fuel Networks circa 2006 highlighting Doogood's participation in the HoodGames in the Tenderloin of San Francisco
(Shot on Panasonix DVX100)