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  • The Final Iteration of M3: Two Versions for Randomized Experimental Trials
  • Student's ideas about fractions informed development & design of M3
  • Initial Wire-Frames and Final Art for Iteration 1 M3
  • Data from Experiment 1 informed the Re-Design of M3 for Iteration 2
  • Revisions to the Narrative between Iterations 1 & 2 (M3:i1 & M3:i2)
  • The addition of interstial narrative scenes between levels of tutor-game play
  • Adding opportunities to "re-estimate" enhanced student learning
  • Numerous design revisions between M3:i1 & M3:i2
  • Instructions were revised from Audible-Only to Audible and Visually Interactive
  • Results from the final study of M3:i3 revealed a significant interaction between
    Narrative and Gesture, moderated by Student Efficiency and Proficiency